Tanning Addiction, These Ladies Do Tanning at 4 Different Salons In A Day

People in Western countries, using the technique of darkening of the skin by tanning bed or tanning products is part of their beauty regime. For them, has brown skin and exotic is a pride.

However, artificial tanning can be at risk of skin cancer. Although there have been many people who know the impact as bad, in fact using a tanning bed tanning continues to increase in particular.

One of the people who ignore the risks of tanning bed is a woman named Hannah Norman. 19 years girl that do tanning bed each day. The woman who comes from South Wales, United Kingdom was conducted four times daily in tanning salong vary.

Hannah have entered the category as being addicted to tanning. She is so obsessed have a bronze-brown skin a long time ago. Habits do tanning bed even sudak he jalanjan since the age of 14 years. In fact, the age of which legalised to do the tanning bed was 18 years old.

Tanning bed is the process of skin darkening that uses a special machine. The process is, the client goes into a tool while lying down. Such a device emitting ultraviolet radiation. Ideally the tanning bed was carried out for 10 minutes.

In contrast to Hannah, he utilizes the maximal time tanning bed in every salon up to 15 minutes for more than the time the salon would not serve. The time still felt less by Hannah. Every day, she went to the salon to get the four 60-minute tanning session.

After performing a tanning bed, Hannah usually return to tanning products spray skin getting darker. Too much use of tanning products and even make the color of her skin so weird because it looks unnatural. Not get exotic brown skin, skin color that even sintal bodied girl yellowing.

Even so, he was already addicted to tanning bed did not even hesitate scatter a lot of money in order to get the skin color in order. Hannah released every month until 1,000 pounds or approximately USD 20 million.

Gymnastics Kegel? Can Help Women Get An Orgasm Is Great, But …

Most women have difficulty getting an orgasm while making love. Based on reports from brand sex toys LELO, 11 percent of women admitted to never feel what people often refer to the word ‘ climax ‘ of it. Origin of the Brand that Sweden also revealed, from the results of the survey, only 4 percent of the women who say absolutely satisfied with the orgasmenya.

One way to help women get an orgasm is with gymnastics kegel?. According to some experts, this exercise can strengthen pelvic muscles so scrumptious sensations while making love more noticeably, so can be reached a climax. Is it so?

According to health experts sex Jennifer r. berman as quoted from women’s Health USA, could have been. Strong pelvic muscles will help the vagina ‘ grasping ‘ penis better so contact between Miss V and Mr Happy increased. This condition also increases the sensation of pleasure because when muscles contract, blood flow becomes more smooth and concentrated at the ends of the nerve endings making it more sensitive to stimulation.

Pelvic muscles stronger did allow the occurrence of orgasms more powerful. But not only that the guarantor factor the achievement of orgasm and female sex satisfaction. Many factors play a role, such as hormonal as well as reflexes of the body, emotional condition. In other words the intensity of orgasm are not entirely influenced by how strong women’s pelvic muscles.

Sexologist Logan Levkoff Dr, as quoted from the Huffington Post outlines three other determining factor to get a great orgasm. What’s it?

1. Erotic Zone
Men and women have the erotic zone and sensitivitasnya respectively when touched. To find out, can be done with masturbation. Masturbation is usually done by yourself, but it will be so much more fun when done occasionally in pairs. Mutual touching to create a passionate couples could do if You both want to get sexual satisfaction but are not in the mood to do penetration sex. With each other masturbate you and him/her so mutually know which part to be touched and touch as to what the preferred partner while making love.

2. Emotional Closeness
Many couples are still reluctant to believe what they want in sex. It could be because of the shame, thinks talks sex is taboo or actually not too sure what they like or don’t like. When discussing the problems of sex with the husband can improve the quality of fuck and perpetuate the marriage. Get rid of Your guilt and make a commitment with a couple to more open with sex life.

3. Variation of Sex
Many couples, particularly those who have long been married to feel boredom and finally considers sex as simply routine. The main causes for not performing variations and afraid of experimenting each session of lovemaking. Sex is done in time, place and the same position will certainly cause boredom. Sometimes it is necessary to challenge a little activity on this ‘ bed ‘ so much more interesting and fun.

Avoid Thinking of Dropping Out When Saturated with Lover, This is the Way to Handle it

Bored with your lover is feeling reasonable and can be felt by every couple who weaves romance, no exception for the couple husband and wife. Saturation can occur due to quite a long courtship and dating the same rhythm.


Boredom is usually marked with a changed attitude becomes more Justin, wants to own and looking for attention from other men. If it’s happening, you should soon find a solution. Do not immediately think to cut ties because of the feeling of saturation may actually be resolved.


Rather than thinking the breakup and even make you regret later, we recommend that you do some of these things to explode back fire to your love of the couple. These steps.


  1. Give The Distance

Too often with triggers a sense of saturation. To that end, give the distance is very important in a relationship in order to mutually develop. So, take your time to keep going with your friends or simply ‘ me time ‘ in the salon without accompanied by a lover.


  1. More Communication

Saturated taste not only happening because too often together, but also owing to the lack of communication with a partner. The communication would keep the harmony of relations. Now it is time to discuss what you’re feeling. By knowing your heart’s content, may be able to change the style of your communication partner to create relationship could warm again.


  1. Have a New Routine

The boredom of the lover can be triggered because you are bored by the middle of your own life. So any perceived, all feels boring. For that, start has new activities. Suppose to follow, fitness, yoga or follow clubs in accordance with your hobby. With have a new activity means you get new challenges and fresh chatter about your new routine.


  1. Courting Different Atmosphere

Create an atmosphere of courtship is different than usual. Suppose a vacation out of town or visiting a place you’ve never attended. Dating is not always about having to watch a film at the cinema or eat at the restaurant later. You can go to the museum, take a dip or a picnic in the Park. A different way of courting make connections become more fresh.