Look for what is seo google? SEO stands for both the optimization of the search engine, a practise that allows organic search performance to improve traffic to the webpage or websites.

The Determining Factor For Google SEO!

While we do not know about the  Google’s inner tasks on the basis of Google’s litigated patents and declarations, we know that websites and websites are classified accordingly and some factors contribute more.


You don’t want to see chocolate web sites when you’re hunting for football shoes.
That is why Google sees pages closely linked to the keywords first and foremost and the most relevant pages to rank.


Authorities are much as it appears and this is the method by Google to determine if the websites or web page is credible and efficient. You also see number of other pages linked to the website.


Content may be objective and appropriate. But Search Engines  won’t want to put that material in the top of the search if it’s not helpful.

Indeed, Google has said publicly that “greater-quality” and “beneficial” content is distinguished.


What is Organic Result?

Organic search results which is also known as unpaid or natural results , the ranking pages or websites that  based on merit basis.

In other things, there is no one is able to purchase for the organic search results by paying Google or other search engines such as Yahoo, Baidu or Yandex.

The organic search results are rated by the web browser on the basis of hundreds of parameters. However, Google generally considers seo rankings to be the most relevant, accurate and definitive websites or website on the subject.

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