Have you heard a term “blog” I don’t think so you have not hard blog instead of that you heard blogging? If you’re not aware of these words and concepts we are here to get start and we will provide you with strong concept and slowly you can start your blog without having any help. If you’re confused with, how to start a blog free and make money, here is the blog that drives you to start a blog and you will make from money from it.

Steps to Create a Blog

How to Start a Blog That Generates $3817 a Month

There are four main steps while creating your blog, follow these steps properly you will create your blog in 1 hour and that will not take more than this.

  • Decide where you want to create post
  • Take a web hosting for your blog
  • Search a keyword for your blog
  • Start writing 400 words to make your blog looks good and make sure that give useful information on what you’re going to write.
  • Set up the blog of your choice
  • Design with new blog
  • Put some useful resources to your blog

So, you made it. Wait, this is the normal concept as what all do, but below you can see how blog is created and how it goes to live.

Ways for How to Start a Blog Free and make Money

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  1. Select one Niche

Blogging is a way to communicate yourself to the world as what to love for. So, for that first you need to select a category on which you love to work and how much expert in that, if you’re good in technology then select and start working on it.

  1. Choosing Platform to host

There are lots of web hosting plat forms where you can create and host your blog. Some of them are, GoDaddy, HostGator, Name cheap, A2 Hosting, Site Ground and so many are there. For you, start with HostGator, because that will cost you less and they will best service as what you want.

  1. Start writing with WordPress

WordPress is a platform where you can write and create your first blog as free of cost. Nowadays, lots of people working on WordPress and the reviews from WordPress is so good. So why can’t you start with of it.

Here you will get full free, first you need to sign up and then start doing it, it’s a very easy domain to work and instantly hosting will happen in WordPress.

Lastly to say, blogging and creating a blog has become common nowadays and there are lots of platforms and sites are offering to do work as what to love to do. Here we have given top tips on how to start a blog free and make money, and we hope that you will make money out of it.

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